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NAVHDA Testing Overview

In 1969, NAVHDA established a system of comprehensive tests that truly measure all aspects of work for the versatile hunting dog breeds. The trialing systems in use in North America before this time were established for specialists. The NAVHDA system provides for testing at various stages of maturity. Performance records are kept and made available on this website since they provide invaluable information for both breeder and buyer alike.


OGR Chapter Tests

Our tests to fill up very quickly. To reserve your entry, entry form with payment MUST be received by the Test Secretary at least 3 days prior to test date.  


Entries are on a first come, first serve basis and there is a no bumping policy or holding of spots. Preference is not given to chapter members, instead your preference is advanced notice of test dates through email and Facebook.

An entry is not confirmed unless we have completed entry form and payment. 

There are two ways to send entry fees:

#1 Completed entry form and a cheque is sent to the Test Secretary.

 #2 Completed entry form can be scanned and emailed & the entry fee can be sent as an e transfer (instructions are on the entry form)

You will be notified that you have been placed either on a running list or, if we are full, a waiting list.  A final running order will be set 2 to 3 days before the test and you will be advised via e-mail or telephone if you do not have email. Please note this a full day test be prepared to be available from 7am - 5pm.

2024 Test Fees

                                     Natural Ability Test                              Utility Test

OGR Members:                  $195                                                        $225

Non Members:                   $245                                                        $275



  • Dogs must be registered with NAVHDA International.

  • Hander & owner (at least one co-owner) must be members of NAVHDA International to test.


Test Details and Handlers Notice

A Handlers Notice will be emailed to handlers the week prior to the test.  It will include the running order, directions, information regarding local hotel accommodations that allow dogs and arrival times.  

If you have questions about the test or your entry please contact the Test Secretary directly. 


Day of the Test 

The tests begin promptly as indicated.  All entrants are required to check in no later than 30 minutes prior to the test start time for an attendance check and a judge's debriefing before we set out for the day.  Latecomers will be moved to the end of the running order.

Due to the nature of the test and structure of the day, the NAVHDA test is a full day test and all handlers will be required to commit to the full day. 

Bitches in season will be put at the end of the running order for each component of the test. 


Please see Test Secretary upon arrival for nearby veterinarians, emergency vet clinics and nearest hospital.


Refund Policy

Should an entrant have to withdraw from the test:

  • more than 30 days prior to the test, the entrant will be refunded their entry fee less a $25.00 service charge; 

  • within 30 days of the test, the entrant will forfeit their entire entry fee UNLESS the spot can be filled. At which point, the entrant will be refunded their entry fee less a $25.00 service charge.

  • due to injury, with a Veterinarian's note, your entry fee will be refunded less a $25 service charge.

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